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I'm Brianne. I make photographs. I like old picture frames and alliteration.
This is Me
Sep 1 '14

there are no words for how excited I am to go back to school. 

summer was long and boring. 

Aug 27 '14

ugh I’m so sick. =\

Aug 25 '14


Flying forwards you fight for
freedom, but you’re bound
by traitorous friends, fiends
fakes, faked out, as they 
tie you to your bed and 
bend your back so you’re
forced to stare them in the 
eyes. They let you rest for a
day, bringing you buckets of
tea leaves without water.
You’re desperate for the
damage. Man did they show
you damage, but damage can 
only be held on to for a little while
before the others start blaming you.

Aug 24 '14
Paul F. Tompkins - Sparks Nevada Theme (Paul F. Tompkins) (Thrilling Adventure Hour)


Sparks Nevada Theme (Paul F. Tompkins version)

When there’s varmits need a-catchin’

or youngin’s need a-savin’

on my rocket steed I race across the stars.

For I’m sworn by the burrs of my astro spurs,

to right the outlaw wrongs on Mars.

(Yes he rights the outlaw wrongs on Mars)

Oh the hyper cattle hummin’

and Martian’s savage drummin’

are as beautiful as comet bugs in jars,

Oh I’m from Earth

but I right the outlaw wrongs on Mars

(Yes he rights the outlaw wrongs on Mars)

On the plains of the red planet I uphold the law,

and I do it with a pair of robot fists —


Evil extermination I have faced,

For my robot rogues they hardly ever miss!

And I reckon I”ll be riding

in the name of truth and justice

for as long as I can count the shooting stars,

For I’ve sworn by the burrs of my astro spurs,

to right the outlaw wrongs on Mars!

(Yes he rights the outlaw wrongs on Mars)

So that’s me!

Music and Lyrics by Eban Schletter

Recording is taken from "Thrilling Adventure Hour #119: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, Something Wicked This Way Is!"

Aug 24 '14

I’m out from under a rock 

Iggy Azalea killed it. 

Aug 24 '14
Aug 24 '14

10 questions

I was tagged by hermosx

What’s your favorite smell?
The cement right after it rains in the summer.

Which Hogwarts house is your favorite?
I dig the Ravenclaws. 

What was the last movie you watched?
Waiting for Superman

Is there an accent you like a lot?
I like the brogue both Scottish and Irish

Do you like to travel? Where have you been?
I have lead an unfortunately dull life, I’ve been all up and down the east coast of the USA, and then to California. I love traveling, but I also love being home. I like the comfort.

What’s your favorite Sims expansion pack?
I was that kid who never played the Sims. Maybe that’s why I’m so maladjusted to modern day life.

Do you drink enough water?
I do. I am like a small camel. 

Name five qualities you like in someone else.
Loyalty, acceptance, the ability to forgive, the ability to laugh at oneself, gives good hugs.

Name five unacceptable qualities.
Holds grudges, selfish, doesn’t like dogs, won’t stand up for themselves, passive aggressiveness,

What superpower would you choose to have? 
The ability to gain any knowledge I wanted without studying.

1. What’s your ideal date?
2. You have a million dollars and a month to spend it (the remaining will be taken away) you can do whatever you want, no questions asked, no repercussions, what do you do?
3. What do you see yourself doing in ten years, twenty?
4. A person you would want to trade lives with for a week.
5. A person you wouldn’t want to trade lives with for a week.
6. If you could know all of the government’s secrets, but you wouldn’t be able to act on any of the information, would you want to? Why or why not?
7. What do you want to name your firstborn?
8. Weirdest lie you’ve ever told to get yourself out of trouble?
9. Favorite game to play as a kid?
10. Artistic talent you wish you had.

I’m tagging green-light-on-the-dock, h0tairballoons, defyingthelabyringth, recovery-through-riding, horizontal-justice, jennaslifelikethis, and justkeeplivingg

Also anyone who reads this =]

Aug 23 '14

spending a small amount of time regretting majoring in fine arts. Half because I want to live a comfortable life, and half because I’m doubting my ability to make good work. I’ve had a less than productive summer and I have like no motivation to make work right now.

The good news is I’m super motivated to read my psych textbook, so there’s that. 

Aug 23 '14

I spent a lot of time thinking about love and loss last night. 
I’ll spend a lot of time thinking about love and loss today.
All I know is I’m so grateful for the people I have in my life, and I don’t know if I could ever repay them for the love they’ve shown me. 

All I can do is try to live my life as they do, and pay it forward.

Aug 23 '14

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Aug 22 '14

closure on more than one thing tonight.

Aug 22 '14

Today is going to be hard, funerals and wakes are never easy, but this one is going to be especially difficult. I think the best I can do is keep my head up and be there for my friends and let them be there for me. 

Aug 21 '14

making some really big dramatically different life decisions recently. I’m okay with it though. Really okay.

Aug 21 '14

financial aid is being annoying and not accepting my stuff. -_-

I cannot go to school if they do not give me loans.

Aug 21 '14

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